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The Thrill of the Build

In the world of car enthusiasts, a unique breed of projects exists: Special Project vehicles. These aren't your everyday runabouts; they're meticulously crafted machines, once relegated to jackstands for years on end, built for pushing boundaries and chasing the ultimate driving experience. This realm encompasses two distinct passions: race cars and project cars.


Technician Servicing Classic E30 M3


Race or Track cars are single-minded beasts, their entire existence dedicated to achieving peak speed and agility on the track. Every component is meticulously chosen and optimized for performance. Engine internals are upgraded with high-performance parts, lightweight materials replace heavier components, and aerodynamic modifications like wings and diffusers are added to generate downforce. The focus is razor-sharp: purebred racing machines built to shave seconds off lap times.



Project cars, on the other hand, offer a broader canvas for creativity and personalization. Enthusiasts often take everyday cars and transform them into something extraordinary. This might involve anything from significant engine upgrades and suspension modifications to complete overhauls that alter the car's aesthetics and driving dynamics. Project cars are labors of love, where owners pour their time, skill, and passion into building a car that reflects their individual vision and driving style.



Both share a common thread: the pursuit of something beyond the ordinary. For car enthusiasts, the journey of building a project vehicle can be an enriching experience, fostering a deep understanding of automotive mechanics and engineering. Whether it's the focused purpose of a race car or the personalized touch of a project car, project vehicles offer a unique blend of challenge, reward, and the thrill of creating something truly special that can't be bought



ASF Machine's in-house Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software allows them to meticulously design and draft custom components specific to your vehicle's needs. This could be anything from intricate engine mounts and brackets to unique aerodynamic components. Gone are the days of limited options; with CAD, the possibilities for crafting truly unique parts are boundless. Furthermore, our expertise in TIG welding ensures high-quality fabrication. TIG or GTAW welding offers a precise and clean welding process, ideal for the critical welds often required in stainless or aluminum components.



Additionally, ASF Machine's in-house CNC machining capabilities take customization a step further. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines allow for computer-controlled cutting and shaping of various materials with exceptional precision. This translates to almost perfectly manufactured parts, crucial for ensuring proper fitment and functionality within your vehicle. Imagine precisely machined engine components, lightweight brackets, or even custom suspension parts – all designed digitally and crafted with machine accuracy.

By leveraging these in-house capabilities, ASF Machine empowers  vehicle enthusiasts to not only dream up exceptional modifications but also bring those dreams to life. Their ability to design, weld, and precisely machine parts opens doors to a whole new level of customization, effectively bridging the gap between vision and tangible reality for your special project.


Disclaimer: Race/Off-Road Vehicles and Service Policy

This establishment prioritizes the safety and environmental regulations associated with servicing vehicles. Therefore, we only accept race vehicles and dedicated off-road vehicles under the following conditions:

  • Signed Affidavit: A signed affidavit, acknowledging the vehicle is designated solely for off-road use or competition purposes, is mandatory before any service commences.
  • Trailer Transport: The vehicle must be delivered and picked up by a trailer. We are not liable for the vehicle's roadworthiness or emissions compliance.

Important Note: Tampering with emissions systems for non-competition vehicles is illegal and harmful. We will not perform any modifications or adjustments that could compromise the vehicle's emissions controls.

We reserve the right to refuse service to any vehicle deemed unsuitable based on safety or environmental concerns.

This policy ensures we prioritize the safety of our personnel, adhere to environmental regulations, and avoid any potential legal ramifications.


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