ASF Terms & Conditions

Please be advised that ASF Machine operates as a DBA for Hanna Performance Services LLC. Therefore, Hanna Performance Services LLC is the legal entity responsible for all services provided under the name ASF Machine.


Customer is to review the quote and authorize the work, parts listed, including sublet work, to be done along with necessary materials. Products modifying intake, emission or suspension systems sold by and/or installed at ASF Machine are intended for off road use only. The customer taking delivery of vehicle/parts acknowledges these restrictions. Customer assumes all risks when using any aftermarket products, it is the responsibility of the customer to obey all CO and US laws regarding these products. Participation in motorsports and any racing or performance activities carries a significant risk and the customer assumes all risks. Estimates are valid for 30 days. Payment methods and terms may change and at ASF's discretion per job.


Any payments made against invoices acknowledge that the customer was notified of and authorized ASF Machine to perform the services/repairs itemized in the invoice. The customer received or had the opportunity to inspect any repaired and replaced parts agreed to the ASF Machine policies in regards to our service and parts. ASF Machine is not responsible for damage or malfunctions resulting from: 3rd party components; misuse, negligence, accident or fire; improper repair of the vehicle; use of vehicle in competitive or race events; or failure to follow recommended maintenance requirements for factory or aftermarket components. Payment methods and terms may change and at ASF Machine's discretion per job. Any components and vehicle parts removed during service must be picked up by the customer within 10 days. Failure to comply will result in parts being recycled or discarded. Vehicle storage fees of $29/day will be applied if not picked up within 3 business days of completion and final invoice.


To secure your automotive service appointment, we require a deposit, the amount of which will be determined as follows: it will be equal to the cost of parts necessary for the service or 50% of the total quoted amount, whichever is greater.

The deposit will be applied towards the final invoice for the automotive service. Any additional costs arising during the service will be communicated and must be settled either at completion or to continue work, depending on circumstances.

By providing a deposit, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions of working with ASF Machine and servicing, repairing or modifying your vehicle.


Due to the customized nature of performance parts and the specialized work performed on modified vehicles, ASF Machine adheres to the following return policy:

No Cash Refunds: We are unable to offer cash refunds on any parts or services.
Store Credit Only: Returns will be accepted for unused, uninstalled parts in their original packaging within 7 days of purchase with a valid receipt. A store credit will be issued for the full value of the returned parts, excluding any labor costs associated with the original purchase.
No Labor Refunds: Labor charges are non-refundable due to the time, expertise, and specialized skills required for performance auto repair.

Customization: Performance parts are often tailored to specific modifications, rendering them incompatible with other vehicles.
Specialized Work: Performance repairs involve unique procedures and knowledge compared to standard repairs.

We encourage open communication throughout the service process to ensure parts and services align with your requirements.
If any concerns arise, we will work diligently to find solutions within the limitations of this policy.

Disclaimer: Tampering with Emissions Systems is Illegal and Harmful
Modifying a pollution-controlled vehicle's emissions system is strictly prohibited. This includes any attempt to bypass, disable, or alter components like catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, or exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves.

Reasons for this restriction:

Environmental Protection: Tampering with the emissions system increases harmful pollutants released into the air, negatively impacting air quality and public health.
Legal Repercussions: Tampering is a violation of environmental regulations and can result in fines, penalties, and even vehicle impounding.
Safety Hazards: Modifications can lead to improper engine operation, increasing the risk of malfunctions, fires, and potential damage to the vehicle.
Alternatives to Consider:

Consult a certified mechanic for performance upgrades that comply with emissions regulations.
Explore aftermarket parts specifically designed to enhance performance while maintaining legal and environmental standards.
Remember: Protecting our environment and ensuring safe operation of your vehicle are crucial. Do not attempt to modify the emissions system of your car.

Disclaimer: Race/Off-Road Vehicles and Service Policy
This establishment prioritizes the safety and environmental regulations associated with servicing vehicles. Therefore, we only accept race vehicles and dedicated off-road vehicles under the following conditions:

Signed Affidavit: A signed affidavit, acknowledging the vehicle is designated solely for off-road use or competition purposes, is mandatory before any service commences.
Trailer Transport: The vehicle must be delivered and picked up by a trailer. We are not liable for the vehicle's roadworthiness or emissions compliance.
Important Note: Tampering with emissions systems for non-competition vehicles is illegal and harmful. We will not perform any modifications or adjustments that could compromise the vehicle's emissions controls.

We reserve the right to refuse service to any vehicle deemed unsuitable based on safety or environmental concerns.

This policy ensures we prioritize the safety of our personnel, adhere to environmental regulations, and avoid any potential legal ramifications.

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