Performance Engine Machining, Assembly & Consulting

High-performance engine machining and building is a meticulous process that transforms a regular engine into a powerhouse whether it's GM LS, Subaru EJ257, BMW S52 or DFI Porsche. Here's a glimpse into this world:

The Machining Marvels:

Precision Cuts: Engine blocks, crankshafts, and cylinder heads undergo machining to achieve tighter tolerances. This improves efficiency, reduces friction, and allows for precise operation. Modern aluminum split case engines like the Porsche 9A1, Subaru FA20 & EJ25 benefit from tight main clearances where crank tunnel geometry is mission critical.
Balancing Act: Rotating components like crankshafts and connecting rods (the big end) are meticulously balanced to minimize force/plane vibrations at high RPM. This translates to smoother operation and reduced wear even on buttery smooth inline sixes like the BMW S54 or Toyota 2JZ.
Porting Perfection: Cylinder heads are reshaped (ported) to optimize airflow in and out of the combustion chambers. We offer CNC combustion chamber optimization for the likes of the Subaru EJ20-EJ25 hybrid. This enhances power output and engine responsiveness while raising the detonation threshold.


Building a Beast:

Aftermarket Arsenal: High-performance parts like Mahle Motorsport forged pistons, stronger Manley Turbo Tuff connecting rods, upgraded GSC camshafts, and valves are meticulously selected and installed to handle the increased stress.
Clearance Concerns: Precise measurements and adjustments are made to ensure proper clearances between various components. This minimizes friction and prevents engine damage. Modern aluminum blocks like the LS3 from GM require somewhat tight cold main bearing clearances due to material growth at operating temperature. Crushing a piece of wax plastigage is much less precision than using a dial bore to achieve a true measurement.
Blueprinting: This advanced process involves meticulously measuring and aligning every critical component to achieve the highest level of precision and performance using Mitutoyo, Starrett, Haimer and Fowler tooling.

Beyond the Machine Shop:

Fuel Delivery Fine-Tuning: The fuel injection system might be upgraded or recalibrated to deliver the precise amount of fuel needed for the performance increase.
Engine Management: Custom tuning using sophisticated software and dynamometers (engine power testing machines) optimizes the engine control unit (ECU) for maximum power and efficiency. Read more about ECU calibration.



Important points to remember:

Expertise is Key: This process requires the knowledge and experience of skilled engine builders who understand the intricate relationships between various components.
Costly Endeavor: High-performance parts, machining processes, and specialized labor can make building a performance engine a significant investment. There is much more to it than simply bolting together a few paychecks worth of parts, peddled by the latest & greatest automotive influencers.
Not for Everyone's Daily Drivers: These engines are often optimized for peak performance, which might compromise fuel efficiency and drivability compared to OEM stock engines.



NOTE: If you are bringing or shipping us engine parts, please remove valuable electronics such as solenoids, crank or cam sensors, wiring harnesses, injectors etc. We have no need for your non-mechanical engine components unless we are assembling your vehicle. 

NOTE 2: If you are shipping us your parts, please  package them accordingly and imagine a big guy in a brown or purple outfit throwing your box out of a truck onto the ground- package with this in mind and everything should be ok.


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