Jan 31, 2010

2007 Procharger C6 Corvette 1100HP

ASF Machine was founded in 1996 by Jason Abbott. As a tinkerer, backyard engineer and drag racer, Jason grew weary of the old school mentality when it came to engines and how they were machined; as the both the process and the end product left something to be desired.             

Jason had a machining background as an owner/operator of a plastics fabrication shop. Coupling innovation with modern equipment and a bent on perfection, he was able to produce high quality and consistency. The customer base has grown by reputation, customers come from Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Utah and even as far away as Canada and Qatar.

Nowadays ASF is in the care of Joe Hanna, a long time employee who decided to venture to the helm. Joe has that same perfectionist streak that made ASF the place to get your high performance machine work done. Joe has been making things go faster for more than 10 years and has 2 Applied Science Degrees with honors from Mesa State College, EFI University Advanced EFI Tuning Certifications, crew chief-ed/service technician-ed Rally America group 2 entrants, built more Audi, Mazda and Subaru Cylinder heads than you can count and survived the “terrible twos” with two sons. 

You might find cheaper, you might find more expensive but you won't find better value in performance engine machining anywhere else. Value is not simply defined by monetary price alone but by return in quality and performance as a result of the service which is what makes our services worth the price you pay; that is good value.     


Jan 31, 2010

At ASF Machine, we house a state of the art in-ground Superflow chassis dyno that can accurately measure up to 1500 WHP. People like to call it the disappoint-er as it has a sophisticated built in BS filter. Our chassis dyno has a range of sensors including a wideband O2 and det cans (knock microphones) that can reliably track and log information about your engine so that we can benchmark its performance and identify areas of opportunity to increase the performance of your machine.  EFI or Carbs & Dizzy, we can dial it in. When it comes to EFI Systems, there are literally more than a thousand systems available we have installed some of them and tuned a pile of them, so if you are approaching a project and in need of some advice we can be of assistance to you. But please keep in mind, the EFI system is what we use to to tune your car, the dyno is simply the yardstick by which we measure.

The results produced are generally corrected for atmospheric conditions as weather and altitude can effect you engine's performance and we've found that the atmospheric correction allows much more consistency between runs especially when dealing with supercharged or turbocharged engines.

The dyno/tuning is available by appointment only, so please call ahead.

Thermal Cleaning

Jan 18, 2010

At ASF Machine, our state of the art thermal cleaning systems ensure that all of your parts look brand new, regardless of how oxidized and dirty the parts were when they were brought in. 

Thermal cleaning uses an extremely high temperature process to literally burn away rust, oil, rubber, gasket residue and other contaminants from your engine parts.   Once thermal cleaning is completed, your parts are then blasted clean to remove any remaining ash from the thermal cleaning process.  The result is an extremely clean part when the process has been completed.



All sales final. Due to the custom nature of our business, no returns are accepted.

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